About Us

DIVA AGRO is 100% private owned company with main activity: production and trade of fresh cherries.
The cherry garden is situated 25 km away from Stara Zagora, a city in the middle of Bulgaria. At the moment 40 hectares are in full fruit maturity. Another 40 hectares are planned to produce their first crop of cherries in year 2016.

Diva Agro field

Our main goal is production of cherries with good quality, fast delivery terms and competitive prices. The total production planted on our own gardens is exported to EU countries and Russia. We have own facilities for hydro cooling, sorting, packing into 2 and 5 kg boxes, and cool chambers.

Production of cherries, peaches, and almond saplings sold on the domestic market and exported.

The season starts by the end of May and continues until mid of July. The harvest volume in 2014 reached 400 tones and in year 2015 it is expected to grow to 450 tones. Our main customers are located in Germany, Romania, Russia and Belarus. The company is certified with GLOBAL G.A.P. registration number 4060373819286.
The following cherry varieties  are represented in the garden:
– Early Lory
– Ferrovia
– Kordia
– Regina
– Sweetheart
– Early Star
– Blaze Star
– BigaroBurlat
– Georgia
– Canada Giant